Tsuyoshi Ichikawa Ted Greene acolyte Dedicated to the study of Ted Greene's work
“Tsuyoshi is one of the few students who has the technical ability combined with the sensitivity to recreate the beauty in any music.”

Ted Greene

“I have always been a big fan and supporter of Tsuyoshi Ichikawa, and I am thrilled that many others will discover and appreciate this remarkably talented and sensitive musician. Ted was very fond of Tsuyoshi”

Barbara Franklin

Tsuyoshi Ichikawa studied with Ted Greene for four years from 1995-99 in Los Angeles, CA. Tsuyoshi is a one-of-a-kind guitar player who is able to truly inherit the legacy left by Ted to his students, as Tsuyoshi took over 200 two hour lessons directly from Ted.

The technique that Tsuyoshi learned from Ted places most importance on having a beautiful, seamless electric guitar sound at the center, despite complicated chords and harmonic devices being used. Everything begins with, and is based on music theory.

Some of the features that set Ted’s style apart is the way he would put deeply sophisticated chords on the melody, sometimes with walking bass, walking chords, harp harmonics and surprising and beautiful modulations.

Ted’s knowledge was way beyond imagination, but with Tsuyoshi as your guide you will be able to walk in Ted’s steps and understand music in a whole new way. A universal approach, the result of Ted’s years and years of discovery and refinement of teaching methods, and Tsuyoshi’s years of diligent study which makes him the ideal teacher to pass on Ted’s great work.