R.I.P to John Pisano

L to R    Barry Zweig , John Pisano and me at Papashon Restaurant , Encino 1999.


One of my favorite guitar players, John Pisano passed away on May 2, 2024.

When I lived in LA, I saw John many times. At that time,John and his wife Jeanne (called “Flying Pisano’s”) would perform at Papashon Restaurant Pasadena every week. I went there  to see their performances many  times. They were so nice to me. We talked a lot about music, guitar and Ted. John would sometimes take lessons from Ted. I met him in Ted’s room a couple of times. What I like most about John’s guitar playing is his sense of time. John’s guitar playing incredibly swings. Also, his tone was very beautiful. Ted said John could produce a great tone with any guitar.


I miss John Pisano.

R.I.P to John Pisano.